Brad Werwinski

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He came up with the name, is responsible for producing a handful of episodes every season and he's always down to roll camera when someone from the team is asking. Brad isn't your "run of the mill" hunter, he is an adventure seeker who kicks a challenge up a notch by not only hunting remote areas and nomadic wildlife he does it with a stick and string. Brad has a compound, but gripping his custom long bow is grass roots for this man. Look in the archives of Chase Nation episodes and you will find Brad  piercing whitetail lungs, killing long beard turkeys with his recurve, and scooping his new custom long bow from the archery shop. If you love the Northwoods and can appreciate a full beard, you'll want to look for more from Brad this season!


Canon 5D Mark iV DSLR

70-200mm f/2.8 & 17-85mm


Ricke 44# Hybrid




Crossfire 10x42


Anything but Starbucks!