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Doc Tucker

He's the southern drawl that keeps the upper Midwest gang reminded of their roots. They don't come more wholesome than Doc. He'll be on the first plane headed north when the team is gathering and will bend an ear for any one of use if we find ourselves needing someone to talk to. When it comes to killing deer Doc is one of the best, he simply gets it done wherever he is. A Tennessee native, Doc hunts the foothills of Appalachia at home, but makes his way to Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin on a regular basis to create awesome film and seeking adventure! We'd be a different team if it weren't for the good nature of Doc and all that he brings to the table. We sure hope you take some time to check out some of these awesome episodes of Chase Nation Doc has been a huge part of making!


Sony HFS100

GoPro Hero 8


Elite Remedy



Diamondback HD 10x42


Any damn grind

that's good!