Smoked Bleu Cheese & Bacon Grilled Venison Outer Loin

Creamy fire melted smoked bleu cheese and bacon drizzled over mesquite grilled venison outer loin - what could be better?

Baked Salmon

There's baked salmon, and then there's baked on an iron skillet. Truly no comparison of greatness after you try this awesome recipe!

Mediterranean Style Fish Tacos

Want to impress guests with a flavorful fish taco lunch or dinner? Try out this Mediterranean version of fried fish tacos caught right out of your favorite lake or river!

Cedar Plank

Grilled Salmon

This technique and recipe will have your houseguests talking about dinner long after their drive home. 

Elk Chili

The perfect comfort food! Try it with ground elk, moose, whitetail, whatever red meat you have in your freezer!

Venison Jerky

A must-do for any road trip or deer camp! Sweet with heat, this venison jerky recipe is perfect for sharing.

Cabin Style

Blackened Fish Tacos

When you're away from home and you want to keep things simple, try this awesome recipe for preparing fish tacos after a good day on the water.

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