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Travis Kissel

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He comes from a bloodline of natural born hunters. If there's one thing Travis demonstrates in the field above all else, it's patience. At the home farm Travis practices QDM along with his cousin, uncle, sister and father. In the spring he's tapping Maples, scooping shed antlers and chasing birds. In the fall he's all in on a whitetail quest, and every day in-between he's a family man and carpenter by trade. He's the type not to take himself too seriously, despite his track record of knocking down big bucks and coming from a lineage of big game hunters who travel all over the world in pursuit of big game animals. Watch for more of Travis in our Prime Video series, the Visual Storytellers. You can also watch Travis in all seasons f Chase Nation episodes. 


Panasonic LUMIX FZ-1000

GoPro 3+; Hero 5; Tactacam


Hoyt Defiant 34




Viper 12x50


Backwoods Grind

Camphouse - Black

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